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How Much Does It Cost To Pour A Slab Of Concrete?

Apr 7

How Much Does It Cost To Pour A Slab Of Concrete?

It doesn't matter if your project involves a new garage, driveway paving, or building a garden shed. Look for reliable concrete construction companies when comparing them. Phoenix Concrete Contractors will provide you with prompt service and accurate estimates for your concrete project.

Cost Factors to Concrete Slabs

Concrete costs are affected by several factors. The cost of concrete can vary depending upon whether you are searching for residential concrete to make a small slab or for industrial concrete contractors to build an extra-large foundation. It does not matter what your project is, but it pays to hire an expert. Don’t fall for low-cost concrete companies that aren’t experienced. Here are some examples of typical concrete project estimates:

  • Cost per square foot: $4-$8
  • Cubic yard: $113 to £126

These are not exact estimates because each concrete slab project differs. Some designs are more difficult to pour and form while others require a thicker concrete slab. Phoenix Concrete Contractors will be able to provide an exact estimate. Below are some general estimates, based on the project.

Driveway Slab Estimates

A 20x24 driveway costs between $1,440-and $3,360 from the top concrete construction companies. We can assist you in creating innovative features that will increase the size of your driveway, or finding cost-saving alternatives. Our expert workers will usually pour this large project on-site. They will prepare the area, spread concrete, and finish your driveway.

Garage Slab Estimates

Concrete companies usually charge $3,057 to $5.944 for a 24x24 slab. It depends on the size and thickness of your slab. Most garages will use either a 6-inch reinforced slab or a 4-inch reinforced slab. Discuss your vehicle weight and other factors with our team to decide the best slab option for your garage.

Shed Slab Estimates

Concrete companies usually require slabs for sheds that cost between $670 and $930. You can use a slab four inches in width to support your shed and tools. A garden shed or tool shed doesn't have to be as heavy as a garage. A shed with a concrete slab foundation will last longer and be more stable than one without. A concrete slab complete provides an easy area to work on that will not be damaged easily by your garden tools and grass.

Patio Slab Estimates

Concrete patios make it easy to add value to your home as well as create outdoor living spaces. You can expect to pay $5.53 to $10.25 for a patio slab. For example, a 12x12 patio could cost between $796 - $1,476. A larger patio can have a lower per-square-foot cost, while a more efficient patio is likely to be more costly.

Costs vary depending on the concrete used and the size of the patio. Before you begin a patio project it is a good idea for you to request a personal quote. Patios only require a 4-inch slab.

Request an Estimate Today

Phoenix Concrete Contractors are the best local concrete contractors in Arizona to provide quality concrete service. Ask for a quote today and learn how we compare to other concrete construction companies. We will provide a professional concrete slab that is durable for your next remodeling job or new construction project. Rest easy knowing your driveway or patio was built on a foundation of reinforced concrete.


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