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May 13

There are many reasons why it is time to get rid of a tree on your commercial or residential property. Washington Tree Solution can provide tree removal services. However, we also offer stump extraction services. These services can only be combined. The stump and roots are a part of the tree. This is an important and complex step that should be done carefully. Perhaps you are asking yourself if it is necessary to take out the stump with the tree. There are many reasons why it is necessary to remove a commercial or residential tree. Washington Tree Solution can provide tree removal services. However, we also offer stump extraction services. Both services can be used together and go hand in hand. The root and stump are part of the tree. This step is important and requires careful planning.

Perhaps you are asking, "Is it necessary to remove the stump with the tree?" The temptation may be to hire another tree service company that will simply remove the tree, but leave an unsightly stump in your garden. You may be tempted to leave the stump in your yard for aesthetic reasons. However, it can also pose a risk to your health. Read on to find out more.

Don't leave the stump!

Stump grinding is the term used to describe the process of removing a stump. The stump grinding process is performed with a heavy-duty machine. This machine has a large, sharp blade that turns literally remove the stump from the ground. You will be able to have the stump removal and grinding done by a highly-recommended company like yours. They will leave your property in the best shape possible for you and your family. Here are some reasons you shouldn't leave the stump.

Safety Tree stumps should not be left behind. They can pose danger to anyone who walks or plays in the yard, such as children. Children don't pay enough attention when they are playing in the yard. It's easy for children to trip over roots or stumps. This can lead to injuries. Someone could accidentally trip over the stump or roots while visiting your house, or even a neighbor. You as the property owner are responsible for your injuries.

Protect Trees and Other Structures It is common to remove trees that are too close to homes or other trees. You might think that the problem is solved once the tree is gone and only the stump remains. The problem is still there if the stump remains in the ground. The roots of the tree are still connected to it, so they won't be too far from your home. The roots may also absorb water from the ground. This is something that can be detrimental to the health of nearby trees. It can also occupy space or hinder the growth and development of other trees. If a company leaves the stump and removes the tree, it may not resolve the problems that led to you wanting the tree removed.

Keep Bugs & Other Diseases Away. Tree stumps, if left unattended, can turn into a breeding ground for all sorts of insects and other diseases. These diseases and infestations can spread quickly to other trees. Termites as well as beetles especially love tree stumps.

Increase/Maintain aesthetics Tree stumps, which are often seen as unsightly, can make your house appear untidy and neglected to potential buyers and their neighbors. The home's aesthetics can make a huge difference when it goes into the real estate marketplace. It's best to have the stump ground immediately after the tree is removed. This opens the door for possibilities. Washington Tree Solution is available to remove and grind stumps. Plant flowers, shrubs, a fountain/statue, or another tree.

For stump grinding services, call us today

The process can be difficult and many companies aren't equipped for it. Washington Tree Solution has years of experience and the machines to complete the job. Please visit our stump grinding service page and let us help you if necessary.


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